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Megan Fox Draws People Like Little Green Men

Megan Fox Draws People Like Little Green Men

A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day.

Megan Fox showed off her subpar drawing skills on late night. 
Hey, we're not judging. 

Here's the anti-molly PSA music fans will have to watch to attend Electric Zoo. 
With the increase in drug-related hospitalizations and deaths from electronic music festivals, it's no surprise that patrons will have to watch this to pass through the gates: A short PSA called "Come to Life," written and produced by Dexter co-creator James Manos Jr.

This video will restore your faith in humanity. 
In Perth, Australia, an unidentified train passenger accidentally got his foot caught between the platform and the train as he attempted to board. Luckily, a handful of good samaritans were more than willing and ready to help tilt the train and free the man. Incredible. 

Is Zootopia a good or bad idea? 
A Danish architecture firm has proposed a bold new plan for the remodel of Denmark's Givskud Zoo. It's called Zootopia — a cage-free park that allows the animals to roam free and puts humans in tiny spaces like pods. It's an interesting project, but one that sounds like a glorified safari to us. (via Bustle)




This yearbook photo proves Chris Pratt is a nerd. 
Before Guardians of the Galaxy and Parks and Recreation, the hunky actor was a bowl cut-sporting teen dork just like the rest of us.
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