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Prince Harry Proposed to Meghan Markle While They Were Roasting Chicken

This has got to be the most romantic royal proposal ever.

Prince Harry Proposed to Meghan Markle While They Were Roasting Chicken

It’s pretty obvious that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the greatest thing to have ever happened to the British royal family. Not only are they super attractive, funny, and philanthropic, but they are also a much more palatable couple. That’s precisely why the story of how Prince Harry proposed to Markle is so damn endearing.

On Monday, the recently-engaged duo sat down for an interview with BBC, where they confirmed that the proposal happened a few weeks ago at their cottage in Kensington Palace.

“It was just a typical night for us,” said Prince Harry.

“What were we doing?” Markle turned to ask her fiancé. “Just roasting chicken? Trying to roast a chicken and it was just an amazing surprise. It was so sweet and natural and romantic. He got on one knee.”

Of course, the answer was a no-brainer for Markle who blurted out “yes” even before Prince Harry was done speaking. Hey, can you blame her? We feel you, girl.

“She didn’t even let me finish,” laughed Prince Harry while recalling the touching moment. “Then there were hugs and I had the ring on my finger and I was like, ‘Can I give you the ring?’ So it was a really nice moment it was just the two of us and I think I managed to catch her by surprise as well.”

The couple also dished on Markle’s introduction to Queen Elizabeth II, and how Markle received the stamp of approval from her royal highness. In fact, the Queen’s beloved corgis took to Markle immediately which must have helped seal the deal.

“It’s incredible,” Markle disclosed about meeting the Queen. “To be able to meet her through his lens, not just with his honor and respect for her as Monarch, but with the love he has for her as his grandmother. She’s an incredible woman.”

Harry then revealed that “the corgis took to her straight away.”

“They were laying on my feet during tea!” Markle responded. If that's not real love, then we don’t know what is.

Watch the full BBC interview with Prince Harry and Markle below, and then hit the comments to dish and discuss on whether you're excited about their wedding or totally over it already.

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