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'Suits' Recap: In Which Donna Is Still The Best


Any Suits episode that begins with a Donna scene is an episode that I know I'm going to love. You guys, Donna is the best, even when the Suits writers aren't exactly the best at giving her the most original and engaging storyline.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for having more Donna on the show — she's lovely and quick-witted and Sarah Rafferty plays her with perfection — but I wish they would have given her a little something better than the ol' sleeping-with-her-colleague storyline. I worry that she might fall into the same trap that Rachel so often found herself in: having all of her story revolve around a guy in the office. But until Suits figures out a good balance, this is what we have. It's more Donna, so let's treasure it. Donna and Stephen have been flirting since he arrived at the firm so their sleeping together in last week's episode wasn't a surprise. Nor is it a surprise that Donna has yet to tell Harvey.

"Shadow of a Doubt" opens with the two in bed, Donna on the phone to Harvey lying about having a dentist's appointment. Lest you think her affair will interfere with her work, she informs Harvey that the urgent documents he's waiting for are already sitting on his desk. A bit later, Rachel urges Donna to tell Harvey the truth since he's going to find out anyway (even Louis, in his creepy and off-putting way, knows that something's up) but Donna disagrees.

Meanwhile our main boys, Mike and Harvey, are still working the Ava Hessington case. Harvey cleverly tricks the opposing counsel into expediting the trial and Mike realizes the key to winning is to get Cameron thrown off the case (based on collusion) because there's no way a new lawyer will be that prepared in two weeks and they can finally get the murder charges thrown away.

Stephen is intrigued by this strategy and reckons he can find better evidence to get Cameron thrown off the case so he bets Harvey $10,000 that he can, thus partnering up with Harvey and leaving poor Mike out in the cold. It’s an interesting pairing: Harvey and Stephen have been written to be each other’s doppelgangers and are equally smart and competitive. Throw in the Donna drama and it’s a recipe for a good episode.

Mike isn’t left all alone though and enlists Rachel to help him out (“You want me to be the Mike to your Harvey,” she adorably quips.) However, in true Mike and Rachel fashion, the two almost immediately hit a snag when she starts acting a little shady about a visit from her parents. Mike wants to meet them; Rachel doesn’t want him there that night — or maybe ever? After a little more prying, she reveals that she’s worried her parents will find out about Mike’s secret. It’s a little farfetched for a reason — he’s managed to not only fool Rachel but also to fool an entire Harvard-educated law firm — but eh, we’ll take it. But also, in true Mike and Rachel fashion, they make up and he ends up joining her family for dinner.

Donna ends up revealing to Harvey that she’s sleeping with Stephen who takes it very matter-of-factly (“I can see that,” he says, nodding) and reassures her that he’s not upset. Her personal life is her personal life, as long as it doesn’t affect her work life. So, of course, this will definitely seep into her work life (and it does just a few scenes later).

Harvey and Stephen aren’t faring so well while working together. When their plan fails and they begin to fight, Stephen believes it's because of Donna but Harvey quickly (and angrily) shuts that argument down. The aftermath is tricky for both men: Harvey finds himself going to Jessica for help (who does end up saving the day) while Stephen finds himself in the doghouse with Donna. Donna's anger with Stephen is pretty great and shows that the show isn't totally lost with this storyline.

Later, at Rachel’s, Mike ends up getting along with her parents (I mean, we all know how charming Mike can be) but her dad reveals that Rachel applied to Stanford. The two end up fighting again the next day because, let’s face it, when are these two not fighting? It’s the best Suits drinking game: one sip every time they argue, one sip every time they apologize and make up. Though they do apologize in unison, there is no clear-cut resolution for this fight. Rachel’s going to Stanford for an interview and might end up going there for good. Mike can’t do anything about it.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what was up with Louis this episode? Mostly nothing. He had a somewhat funny C-story where he fought with Nigel and then bonded with him over cats. The end.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you think Rachel should go to Stanford? Are you on board with the Rachel/Stephen relationship? Let us know in the comments!
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