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Megyn Kelly Plays 'F, Marry, Kill' with Howard Stern

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Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly showed up on Howard Stern's XM radio show today and played along with Stern's "F, Marry, Kill" game where guests are given three names and they have to choose who they would have sex with, who they would marry and who they would kill.

Megyn Kelly (From Fox)
Howard was crafty as he handed Megyn three fellow Fox personalities: Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and Glenn Beck. Megyn's answers? The "F" goes to Bill O'Reilly. She'd marry Hannity, and kill Glenn Beck. By way of explanation, Megyn said Hannity's "got the most dough and he's the youngest, right?" and that O'Reilly "wrote a book that had some saucy sex scenes."

Megyn declined to answer questions from Howard about her sex life, and talked about an early on-air experience where a colleague was "Baba Booey'd" on the air. "To this day I live in fear," she said. "Every time I'm having a good interview, I'm like, 'Oh my god. Here it comes.'"
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