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Megyn Kelly Defends Pepper Spray as a "Food Product"

6th Annual BGC Charity Day
FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly attends the 6th Annual BGC Charity Day at BGC Partners, INC on September 13, 2010 in New York City. (Getty Images)more pics » Megyn Kelly  FOX News personality Megyn Kelly is coming under fire today after comments she made on Bill O'Reilly's show regarding the recent pepper spray assault on students at the UC Davis campus. Kelly reminded O'Reilly and the audience that pepper spray is in fact derived from actual peppers, describing it as "a food product, essentially."

Many advocates in support of the students who were sprayed with the weapon while sitting in peaceful protest have called Kelly out on minimizing the pain and damage pepper spray is capable of. There's even a petition online calling for Kelly to consume as much pepper spray as was sprayed on a protester's face.

In the same segment, it should be noted that Kelly calls the protest a "very American" thing to do and admits that the actions of the campus police "looks bad." She maintained that the police effectively did nothing legally wrong as the students were assembled on campus "unlawfully." Bill O'Reilly comes off looking like a bigger jerk, downplaying the incident and using the new FOX News catchphrase, "monday morning quarterbacking the police," which basically excuses abuse of power and undermines anyone pointing out that abuse. He also goes on to imply that a "liberal university" like UC Davis (not exactly the place you think of when it comes to violent protests, case in point the students in the video footage) deserved excessive force.

Watch both the UC Davis pepper spray footage and the Megyn Kelly/O'Reilly clip, below:

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