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Kristen Bell Pokes Fun at Melania Trump in 2018 SAG Awards Opener

The First Lady's cyberbullying campaign hasn't gone anywhere, but as First Lady of the SAG Awards, Bell is on it.

Kristen Bell Pokes Fun at Melania Trump in 2018 SAG Awards Opener

As the very first host of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Kristen Bell might also be considered the show's First Lady. As such, the Bad Moms Christmas actress offered fellow First Lady, Melania Trump, a little advice. In the show's opening monologue, Bell gently pointed out that Trump's campaign to end cyberbullying hadn't seen much progress.

"I never thought I’d grow up to be the first lady, but you know what? I kinda like it," she said. "I think my first initiative as first lady will be cyberbullying. Because I have yet to see any progress made on that problem quite yet."


Bell went on to address a few SAG Awards attendees in particular.

"I’m looking at you, Tony Hale,” she said, calling out the Veep star. "You’re a bully. You guys, he’s savage on Twitter. I’m serious."

Bell also directed attention to actress Elisabeth Moss.

"Elisabeth Moss is here from the documentary The Handmaid’s Tale," she quipped.

Later, the monologue took an optimistic turn.

"Everyone’s story deserves to be told — especially now," she said. "We are living in a watershed moment, and as we march forward with active momentum and open ears, let’s make sure that we’re leading the charge with empathy and diligence. Because fear and anger never win the race. And most importantly, regardless of our differences, I think we can all come together and delight in one thing: Frozen 2 is coming out in theaters 2019, you guys."

In December, it was announced the 37-year-old would be the show's first ever host.

"I thought that’s so cool and, you know, I’m a woman," Bell shared during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "My genitalia is irrelevant. It’s not the first female host. It’s the first host."

“We are delighted to have Kristen Bell as the first-ever host of the SAG Awards,” said Kathy Connell, executive producer of the SAG Awards. "This has been a year in which assumptions have been challenged, stereotypes have been shattered, and precedents have been broken. We decided to capture the cultural mood by casting aside one of our own traditions, and we’re thrilled to have such a talented performer like Bell help us do so."


The 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards took place Sunday, January 21 in Los Angeles, California.

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