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Mike Tyson Hypes Scorsese Biopic with Amazing Video

Jamie Foxx will play Kid Dynamite, but nothing can touch the real thing.

Mike Tyson Hypes Scorsese Biopic with Amazing Video
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With Jamie Foxx's announcement, earlier this month, that Martin Scorsese will direct him in a planned Mike Tyson biopic, film buffs have a staggering alternative to yearn for after the hype for Star Wars VII comes to fruition later this year. The Untitled Mike Tyson Movie was always an inevitability, but the attachment of Scorsese, the Raging Bull director (not to mention Foxx, who does a perfect Tyson impersonation), adds needed credibility. Boxing is the most cinematic sport and the film has the makings of a brooding classic.

Tyson himself has been hyping the movie for a while now, appearing on talk shows and, recently, he started uploading videos to his YouTube channel. One, in particular, stands out. Titled "Pick Mike Tyson's Best Knockouts for Jamie Foxx," the vid is a veritable treasure trove for sports fans. In amazing high quality, every Tyson knockout is shown, one after the other. Get a glimpse of the fury Foxx will try to capture in the movie. 

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