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Molly Quinn Previews 'Castle' Finale: 'Beckett Is Still Uncertain'


Monday night's fifth season finale of Castle has Beckett considering a new job with a high-powered law enforcement agency — but what would the new gig mean for her relationship with Rick? Will Castle and Beckett be forced to call it quits, or will this latest test take their relationship to a whole new level?

Zimbio recently chatted with Molly Quinn, who plays Alexis Castle on the ABC drama, about what's ahead for Caskett, Alexis being "out for herself" in tonight's finale, and the actress' latest creative endeavor (hint: she's trying to make some magic behind the camera this time).

Beckett obviously has a huge decision to make with this new job offer and what it might mean for her relationship with Castle. Can you preview what's going on with Alexis in the finale?
Alexis is kind of out for herself in this episode, which is very uncharacteristic of her. But at the same time, she knows that's what she needs to do. She knows she needs to let her dad handle his business, at least right now, and she needs to take care of herself. So she kind of takes a step back. But even in doing that, that kind of causes tension between her and her dad.

In what way is she out for herself?
She's wanting to leave town again. She's wanting to go off — with her school, of course — and do a little research in Costa Rica. And so her father, of course, is uncomfortable with that, seeing what happened the last time Alexis was so far away from him. And he's completely justified in that. But at the same time, Alexis knows that she can't let a bad experience rule the rest of her life. She's not going to let fear win.

It's been really amazing to watch Alexis grow from being a high school girl into this independent young woman — and also to watch her relationship with her father evolve. How has it been for you to grow as an actress in the same way through the past five seasons?

Well it's so funny really, because that's my experience. You know, when I started the show I was just going into high school and now I am, I guess you could say, becoming a woman. So for Alexis and Castle, and for Nathan and Molly — who has been a father figure to me — it's…what's the word? What does change bring? Change brings uncertainty but at the same time it's thrilling. So it's really fun to play around with those different emotions and realize who Alexis is growing into. It's real, and I think that's the best thing about it. I'm not 25 years old playing a teen, I'm a real 19 year old who is experiencing this in her real life and who is getting to bring it to the screen for other girls my age to see.

The authenticity really comes through.
Thank you. It's always easy to be natural with Nathan. [laughs]

Some fans were a little bit worried when Castle and Beckett finally got together that it would change the dynamic of the show. How do you think the show has handled transitioning from 'will they or won't they' to a full-fledged relationship?
I think they've handled it great, because they both aren't all in. Beckett is still uncertain and she shows that off and on all throughout the season, and we'll see if she continues to show it in Season 6, I really don't know. So I think that's how they save it, because it's like yeah they're together, but she's still kind of throwing eyes at that other guy. You know what I mean? Because Beckett is a very career-driven woman, so she really doesn't want to let anything stop her from her self-improvement and from bettering her situation and I mean that in the best way. Because Alexis and Molly, we both respect the character of Beckett and the way it's played. It's just that when it comes to [Beckett's] relationship with [Alexis'] dad, that's when it gets a little iffy.

There's a big difference between the idea of a relationship and an actual relationship.
Yeah. It's not like, 'Oh hey, we're together now and everything is peachy.' It's more like, 'Yeah, I have my foot in the water but I'm not diving in yet.'

Are you working on any other projects during the hiatus this summer?
I started pre-production on a film I'm working on called The Puritans. I'm actually in Montgomery, Massachusetts right now doing a little location scouting. I'm producing the film, and it's scary and new, but it's great. I'm definitely over my head but that's how you grow best.

What made you want to take on this new challenge?
I think as an actor if you don't start branching out into other fields you start to feel… I guess it's because I love every aspect of filming. And before I didn't really know how to get involved behind the scenes and I wasn't really mature enough to do that yet. But now I feel like I'm in a spot where I'm comfortable doing that. And I really want to know, I'm hungry to learn. Because if you don't know how every part of a machine works, you really can't work it to it's flu ability. So as an actor, it's important to know what the script supervisor does and what the executive producer does and what your grips do. My love will always be in front of the camera, but it's better to know everything. That's how you do a job the best.

What is the film about and what about it drew you to wanting to bring that story to the screen?
I can't really tell you what the story is about. [laughs] But what drew me to it was that it mixes a couple of genres that I love and it mixes them perfectly.


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