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Recasting the Brat Pack with Today's Young Stars

Hey, hey, hey, hey, don't you forget about our favorite icons of the '80s...the members of the "Brat Pack" were undoubtedly the stars of their generation. Young talents like Molly Ringwald, Rob Lowe, and Demi Moore took the '80s by storm, starring in blockbusters that we still love today. These iconic actors changed the face of their generation, but that was 30 years ago. These days, there's a whole new crop of young stars who could fit the same molds — The Heartthrob, The Jock, The Beauty Queen, etc. Check out our picks for the new Brat Pack.

Disclaimer: Members of the Pack are often argued over since there is no defined list, but for our intents and purposes let's call them cast members of St. Elmo's Fire and The Breakfast Club
The Heartthrob
Then: Rob Lowe    Now: Zac EfronOur Generation's Brat PackTriStar Pictures/Getty Images

Rob Lowe was known for stealing our hearts as Billy Hicks, the bad boy who means to be good, in St. Elmo's Fire and Efron takes over that persona today. He causes teens and adults alike to swoon in a way that would be all too familiar to Lowe. 

The Adorable One
Then: Andrew McCarthy    Now: Emma Stone
Our Generation's Brat PackParamount Pictures/Getty ImagesNow the obvious choice for Molly Ringwald may seem like Emma Stone. But, come on, we can do better than pairing the two red-heads, right? Stone is a match for Andrew McCarthy because she holds that same endearing sweetness and sensitivity that made McCarthy's character Blane from Pretty in Pink so irresistible. They both have smiles that melt hearts, as well as a lovable quirkiness that makes them believable. McCarthy always played the character you couldn't help but adore, and for the time being we see Stone doing the same.

The Quirky One 
Then: Ally Sheedy    Now: Aubrey Plaza
Our Generation's Brat PackParamount Pictures/Pacific Coast NewsTeen angst can only be embodied by certain actresses and you can find that in both Ally Sheedy and Aubrey Plaza. Sheedy is the prime example of versatility, shown through her wide range of roles from St. Elmo's Fire to The Breakfast Club. She played the weird girl (Allison) everyone still came to like, a similar role to Plaza's April on Parks and Recreation. They bring life to the misfits we're rooting for until the end. 

The Beauty Queen
Then: Demi Moore    Now: Shailene Woodley 
Our Generation's Brat PackTriStar Pictures/Getty ImagesDemi Moore and Shailene Woodley are the standout beauties of their generations, yet their striking looks aren't the only thing they have in common. Moore broke onto the scene playing Jules in St. Elmo’s Fire and her career continued to soar when she became a household name through her roles in Ghost and Indecent Proposal. Her natural beauty has stood the test of time, and the same can be expected of Woodley, whose career has been skyrocketing in a similar fashion over the past couple of years.

Everybody's Girl
Then: Molly Ringwald    Now: Jennifer Lawrence
Our Generation's Brat Pack
Paramount Pictures/Getty ImagesIn the '80s Molly Ringwald was the queen of the silver screen. With hit films like Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and The Breakfast Club under her belt early in her career, it was obvious that she had the industry wrapped around her finger. Jennifer Lawrence is no stranger to this kind of popularity, she has become the desired female lead for blockbusters over the past few years and has even earned an Oscar along the way.

The Baby
Then: Anthony Michael Hall    Now: Chloe Grace Moretz
Our Generation's Brat Pack
Universal Pictures/Getty ImagesThese two are the babies of the pack, each coming into Hollywood at a young age with the wisdom and talent of much older actors. Anthony Michael Hall starred in The Breakfast Club as Brian, the nerd who was so much more than his awkwardness. Hall was only 17 at the time of filming, much younger than almost all of the other stars. Chloe Grace Moretz also has approached intense roles at a young age. She’s 17 and already has an impressive resume of films ranging from Kick Ass to Carrie (just to name a few). 

The Misunderstood One
Then: Judd Nelson    Now: Miles Teller
Our Generation's Brat Pack
Everett Collection/Getty ImagesHere’s to the boys we love to hate and hate to love. Judd Nelson's infamous role of John Bender brings a roughness and intensity to the screen that few can match. However, Miles Teller adopts that same attitude, in his roles of Peter in Divergent and Sutter in The Spectacular Now. They each embody characters that shouldn’t be likable, and yet they are. We can also imagine that Teller would have an impressive fist pump in the air across a football field, a must-have for any Nelson wannabe.

The Jock 
Then: Emilio Estevez    Now: Josh Hutcherson
Our Generation's Brat PackMedia Ventures/Getty ImagesNow we'll admit, this match-up is based heavily on looks. Emilio Estevez and Josh Hutcherson have the same stocky build and chiseled jaw, perfect for the role of Andrew that Estevez made famous in The Breakfast Club. But all looks aside, both these actors know how to take a character and give them unexpected sensitivity. Estevez did it with Andrew and Hutcherson showed us Peeta's softer side in The Hunger Games. 

Comment below with your own ideas for young stars that you think should be recast into the Brat Pack.
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