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Mr. T Night Elf Mohawk and Mohawk Grenade Are All in 'World of Warcraft'

If you're a big fan of Mr. T and World of Warcraft, remove you shoelaces now because you are about to have have you socks blown off. Both the "night elf mohawk" and "mohawk grenade" are now in World of Warcraft.

Mr. T wants to get all up in your World of Warcraft! (Getty Images)
The NPCs selling Night Elf Mohawks can be found outside every starting zone, handing out Mohawk Grenades. They have five charges each, so better use them carefully! When thrown, they give characters a Night Elf Mohawk mask. Whoa!

Mr. T even filmed a commerical for it, which you can check out below. We can't wait to log on to World of Warcraft and see what it's like to be around the "night elf mohawk" and "mohawk grenade."

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