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Kim Says NeNe tried to 'Choke Her Out'

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There are some reality shows that force us to terms with the fact that "reality" is used loosely to mean any imagined or produced version of the world.

 But with the Real Housewives of Atlanta, it's just not so.

The full cast  (Daily Radar)
After all the crazy fighting and screaming from Sunday's season 2 premiere, E! Online is now reporting that Kim Kolciak filed a police report on April 15th claiming that NeNe Leakes grabbed her and "tried to choke her out." NeNe left the scene before police arrived, but two witnesses have corroborated the story.

With almost everyone on the show threatening to give someone a "beat down," it wouldn't surprise us at all if NeNe did try to strangle her ex-BFF.

It just further proves that the only thing fake on this show is Kim's hair.

Here's a video of NeNe and Kim battling it out in front of the cameras:
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