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Nelly Explains Why He Invited Kidnapping Victim Amanda Berry Onstage in Cleveland

(Getty Images | YouTube)On Saturday, Amanda Berry made her first public appearance since her escape from the horrific home of kidnapper Ariel Castro. The 27-year-old, who was rescued alongside fellow kidnapping victims Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight in May, joined rapper Nelly onstage at Cleveland's Roverfest on Saturday, drawing massive cheers from the crowd.

In an interview with MTV this week, Nelly explained that he invited Amanda to be a part of the performance because he considers her an inspiration.

"I had a chance to meet and greet fans before the show and she was there with her family and friends. After we took pictures we had a chance to sit down and talk, and I told her that she and her family were more than welcome to come up on the side of the stage and they did," Nelly explained.

"When we got to 'Just a Dream,' I wanted to make sure that we had a chance to acknowledge her," Nelly added.

"I just wanted Cleveland to know that we were proud of her and that the strength and pulse of the city is built around the people," Nelly said. "To see her survive that, I thought it was amazing and it inspired me to do almost anything."

Below, check out a video of Amanda's moment at Roverfest.

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