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Proof: Keith Urban Hasn't Changed Much in 30 Years

YouTube, Getty ImagesThe Internet strikes again! Thanks to a thing called YouTube, we now know exactly how Keith Urban looked at the ripe age of 16. And we have to say: Not that much different than he looked in 2013. Thirty years later, the guy still had the same haircut. (Though he had this one at some point in there.)

A video of teenage Urban competing on the Aussie TV talent show New Faces (basically the Australian answer to Star Search) back in 1983 and he belted out Air Supply's "All Out of Love." The performance itself is a thing of beauty — thanks to his outfit, mostly — but it's hard not to notice how well Nicole Kidman's husband has aged. (We did notice that Urban has gotten some major dental work, however.)

And now things have really come full circle: Urban's in his second year as a judge on American Idol, helping today's awkward teens turn into stars. Way to pay it forward.

Prepare to be amazed: Keith Urban at 16.

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