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'Sleepy Hollow' Star Nikki Reed Shoots Scathing Video Encouraging 'Nasty Women' to Vote Next Tuesday

Reed encourages all women to get out and vote.

'Sleepy Hollow' Star Nikki Reed Shoots Scathing Video Encouraging 'Nasty Women' to Vote Next Tuesday

Chances are you remember Nikki Reed as either the cute vampire chick from Twilight or the equally as cute (and badass) heroine from Sleepy Hollow. After today, however, you will also remember her as the fearless lady who made a bold stance and rallied women to vote.

In partnership with pro-Clinton group Humanity for Hillary, Reed shot a video recalling all the ways Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has degraded females, going on to let him know that the "nasty women" he's been alienating vote, and will indeed be voting next Tuesday.

The video is one of the strongest anti-Trump initiatives we've seen since election season began, strongly condemning Trump, who Reed refers to as "a candidate who reminds us of the worst men in our lives; men who saw a powerful woman and tried to block her rise."

The star goes to address Trump directly:

"To Donald Trump — and to every man like Donald Trump — who grabbed us, blocked us; who called us fat, unqualified, stupid, ugly, and 'c*nt,' we have one thing to say to you: See You Next Tuesday."

Reed and husband Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries) are outspoken advocates for animals, and have been passionate supporters of Clinton this season.

"LET'S DO THIS AMERICA! Come on Mrs. President, let's please fix what's wrong and move on..." Somerhalder wrote on Instagram on Friday. "Healthcare, The Middle East, The economy, education, preserving our environment and moving into a green future for starters... You've got a lot to do, but we're behind you. The country is divided-lets stitch it back together with innovation, compassion, gratitude and love. Thank you, Ian"

Learn more about Humanity for Hillary here.

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