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Hop on Daft Punk and Pharrell's Disco Train in 'Lose Yourself to Dance'

The visuals for Daft Punk's second single off Random Access Memories "Lose Yourself to Dance" isn't a fist-pumping, EDM-soaked track. There are no naked women swinging on wrecking balls (or naked women dancing around in general), no live animals running amok, or excessive use of the word "b---h. "Not surprising, that's what makes the group's new disco-inspired video so refreshing.

In the clip, Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers get down in the background, while Pharrell croons and commands the dance-y crowd like another episode of Soul Train. It's shimmery, yet not overdone. It's glittery, without showing off any five-figure bling. Music is finally back to the basics, and it's refreshing. Indeed, in a recent interview with NME, Nile Rodgers proclaimed that shooting the video reminded him of "Good Times" and playing early Chic shows: "It moved me in a way I've only been moved a couple of times before. I can count those times on my hand. When we first played 'Let's Dance' and 'Good Times' for a room full of strangers, and I saw their reaction. When I first heard Diana Ross outside of a recording studio, in a nightclub. People responded in a visceral, primal, spiritual way."

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