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Here's Why You Probably Want Nina Dobrev at Your College Party

Nina Dobrev Really Loves Giant Balls

A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day.

Nina Dobrev played giant beer pong with Jimmy Fallon. 
Good form, Dobrev. Good form. At a college party, we would like you to be on our team.  

Hey, it's Jeff Goldblum in a Jurassic Park-themed wedding photo. 
We shall that repeat again: Jeff Goldblum (a.k.a Dr. Ian Malcolm) relived his Jurassic Park days by joining a wedding party and attempting to outrun a fierce, short-armed T-Rex. Life cannot be contained, people. (via Mashable


Please do play Katy Perry to stop a baby from crying. 
We all have that one song that can make the waterworks stop or fall hard. For some, it's A Great Big World's "Say Something." For others, it's the sound of their own mother's voice. And still there are few who believe Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" to be the most soothing thing on the planet. 

Baby seals love to surf too. 
Come on, little fella. You almost made it... Gah! We have just died from cuteness overload. (via Uproxx

Here's what it's like to be eaten by a great white shark.
Biologists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute unintentionally filmed a great white shark eating one of its SharkCams, a torpedo-like device with a bunch of GoPros hooked up to it. The footage they collected may make you contemplate not jumping in the water for a while.  

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