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First Look: Jack Black as R.L. Stine in 'Goosebumps'


After Comic-Con we'll presumably know more about next year's Goosebumps movie since Sony Pictures has it slated for a panel. But for now, EW has a first look at the kid-friendly horror movie along with an interview with Jack Black.

As we knew before, Black will be playing a fictionalized version of Goosebumps author R.L. Stine. In the movie, all the monsters Stine writes about are real, and he's trapped them in his books, but when they get loose chaos ensues.

"I play R.L. Stine, who’s not in any of the books, but he’s an essential character in this movie, which is all about when all of his characters come to life," Black said. "It was kind of a great way to bring out all of the scary beasts and monsters from all of his books in one movie."

Black describes the movie as "funny and scary—something that would be great to take my kids to." The plot is reminiscent of that Halloween standby Hocus Pocus as it finds Dylan Minnette playing a teenage boy disappointed by a recent move to a small Maryland town where he's moved in next to Stine. When Slappy, the ventriloquist dummy from the books, sets loose Stine's monsters, the boy and Stine's niece set about putting them back in their books. Black says he thinks kids want scary movies, too, but they don't get many.

"Well, kids like scary movies, but you can’t take them to what are the big scary movies now where Satan comes out and bites your genitals off," he said. "Those movies can actually leave you mentally scared; that’s not for kids. But kids still like to get a little thrill and a little danger, so you need projects like this."


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