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Niall Horan Is a 'Carrie': The Men of One Direction and Their 'Sex and the City' Character Counterparts

(New Line Cinema | Getty Images | Seashore Magic by Alicia Dennis)Harry Styles is just getting hip to the Sex and the City phenomenon, a good 15 years after the show debuted on HBO. The One Direction singer was, admittedly, way too young to appreciate the show when it was actually on the air, but admitted in a recent interview that it's quite popular among his bandmates these days.

"There’s a couple of females who work with us and they do Sex And The City marathons all the time. Which is a great show by the way, I hadn’t seen it before," Styles revealed in a phone interview on Scott Mills' BBC Radio 1 show. "I'm on series 2 now."

Styles also voiced his appreciation for Hoarders.

So which of the Sex and the City gals do you think Harry most identifies with? Given how much press he gets for the ladies in his life, it's pretty clear he's the most Samantha-esque of the group. No shame in this game.

(Twitter | New Line Cinema)Niall Horan has the admirable rep of being the group's most down-to-earth member. He's certainly the most refreshing in interviews, which gives him a relateability that's oh-so Carrie Bradshaw. And he would probably wear a tutu, if only to get his fans laughing.

(FameFlynet Pictures | New Line Cinema)With his signature suspenders and extra fussy hair, buttoned-up Louis Tomlinson is a total Charlotte. We wouldn't be surprised if, like Charlotte, he's the first in the group to get married — maybe to his girlfriend Eleanor Calder, who kind of resembles actress Kristin Davis.

(Tumblr | New Line Cinema)Liam Payne seems to be the group's no-nonsense individual... or at least that's how it seems based on his haircut, anyway. You know who's down with no-nonsense haircuts? Miranda. Liam Payne is a Miranda.

(Getty Images | New Line Cinema)So where does that leave Zayn Malik?

Well, Zayn's shown himself to be something of a caretaker in the past couple of weeks, checking up on his pal Harry Styles when he puked mid-show and making sure the dude didn't set his hair on fire at another concert. So... Zayn is Magda. Magda takes care of people.

(Twitter | New Line Cinema)

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