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'Women Food and God' Inspires Oprah to Never Diet Again

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Women Food and God author Geneen Roth appeared on The Oprah Winfrey show Monday, and it appears that her book has profoundly changed Oprah's outlook on eating. The book explains how Geneen sees a link between our eating habits and our spirituality that could free many women from eating disorders.

Women Food And God was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday. (Image from Women Food and God)
When introducing her guest on Monday's show, Oprah heaped praise upon Women Food and God. Oprah said: "I have come across something so profound that I think [to everybody] who's ever felt that it's a losing battle, here is an opportunity to win. This has literally broken me open when it comes to my relationship with food, because if you struggle with your weight, what we're about to share with you today might be actually the first time in your life that you begin to understand the real reasons you are fat and allow those reasons to be a miracle for your life."

Geneen proceeded to explain that her break-through came when she stopped seeing food as an enemy, and started to see it as the doorway to the life she wanted for herself. Geneen also offered a particularly mystical view on her use of the word "God."

"We each have this longing—we've had moments of awe and wonder in our lives," she explained. "A lot of us don't call that God, but we know that something is possible for every one of us besides our daily lives, the daily grind. The way we get caught with errands and emails and taking care of other people. We feel that this possibility exists," Geneen says. "I'm talking about wonder and mystery and possibility ... or the feeling you have in nature. The feeling that everything is possible."

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