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Orlando Brown Missing

Actor Orlando Brown, of Disney's series That's So Raven, has reportedly been missing since early Tuesday morning.

According to an article on People.com, the 20-year-old actor left his manager's house around 10:20 a.m. to stop at a 7-Eleven, and has not been seen since. The store was only a short walk from his manager's house in Studio City, Calif.

Brown's publicist, Elayne Rivers, told People that Brown had a busy schedule Tuesday, and was preparing for a photo shoot today. Rivers also said the actor's friends and family are very concerned, and that disappearing without any word is not normal for the young actor.

Currently, Brown is working on a number of projects, including a That's So Raven spin-off, titled The Orlando Show and a second album.

If anyone has any information on Brown's whereabouts, People has advised everyone to contact Elayne Rivers at TLToonz@aol.com
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