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5 Reasons Why Ryan Lochte and Paris Hilton Should Date

Ryan Lochte and Paris Hilton (Source: PacificCoastNews.com, Getty) more pics »
Ryan Lochte needs to ask Paris Hilton on a date. (PacificCoastNews.com)
Unfortunately for Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, his celeb crush, Blake Lively, got married over the weekend — to a man with equally great abs. But Lochte shouldn't give up on hot blondes just yet because Paris Hilton is single!

Lochte and Hilton actually met at Fashion Week, and a love connection could already be in the works. "I met Paris Hilton at [Brian Atwood's cocktail party] last week," Lochte said (via People). "I got to hang out with her. She's a really sweet girl. Very attractive, I must say."

So, there's already an attraction there (at least on his end), and here's five reasons why they'd make a super hot celeb couple:

1. A shared love of catchphrases.

Imagine Lochte and Hilton going shopping together. She sees a super sexy cocktail dress. "That hot!" Hilton says, to which her man replies, "Jeah!." And with a "#YES!" she heads to the register. Repeat this exchange for pretty much anything they'd ever want in life. A new blinged-out Bentley? That's hot! Burgers tonight? Jeah! Marry me? #YES!

Paris + Ryan = Barbie + Ken (barbie-game.com)
2. They could be the next Barbie and Ken.

Hilton is gorgeous, stylish, blond, and loves pink — just like Barbie. Lochte makes for one awesomely athletic Ken. The plastic dolls got back together on Valentine's Day last year after a seven-year split, and they could use real-life counterparts.  

Don't you see the likeness?

3. They both love fashion.

The heiress has her own handbag line, and a signature perfume for every day of the month. He is starting up his own fashion line and describes his style best as "rock star" and "hip hop." While we don't really see Hilton as the "hip hop" type (she loves house music, come on), they both love sunglasses, especially when worn indoors at night. That alone is the start of a beautiful relationship.

Paris+Hilton in Paris Hilton And Cy Waits Shopping For Halloween Costumes4. She likes working out and he likes animals.

Last year, Paris Hilton made a big push to get in shape and exercise, mostly because of her ex-boyfriend Cy Waits. If she and the Olympian got together, he could help her maintain those healthy habits. When you spend a big chunk of your time in Las Vegas, sweating every once in a while is probably a good idea, after all.

And, he could help raise all of her animals, so long as he didn't bring his 92-pound, action movie-loving Doberman over to her house. Carter might be able to fit about three of Hilton's tiny dogs in his mouth at one time!

5. People would talk about them.

Let's face it, Paris Hilton hasn't been on TV in years and her music career hasn't exactly taken off. Ryan Lochte is in the midst of his 15 minutes of fame and needs to find a way to stay in the spotlight. A steamy relationship is just what they need! They could easily become one of Hollywood's hottest couples over the next year if they play their cards right.

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