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18 Ways to Mourn the Loss of NBC's Thursday Comedy Block


Once upon a time, Thursday meant comedy night on NBC. A world-weary couch potato could cast his or her troubles aside for a couple of hours of goofy, hilarious hijinks with characters who felt a lot like friends. While beloved favorites like Seinfeld, Friends, The Office and 30 Rock have bowed out over the years, new comedy shows continually cropped up (with varying degrees of success) to continue the fine tradition of laughs on Thursday night. 

Now, however, with the recent cancellation of Community and the removal of Parks and Recreation from NBC's fall lineup, the Thursday comedy block is officially dead.

This is how we mourn:

With an ear-splitting release of NERD RAGE.
A clenched fist is mandatory — all the better to clutch our Cheesy Blasters with.

With an all-out paintball war.
We'll call the other team the NBC Execs — or Nielsen Families Who Screwed Up Our Ratings.

With all the waffles we can eat.
And we can eat A LOT.

With a planking prank or two.
Guaranteed to turn any frown upside down. 

With a super mature retreat to a fantasy world where everything is okay.
Geek out, nerf herder.

With a comforting group hug.
We guess our actual, real life friends and family are kind of nice. 

With warm-hearted dinosaur attacks.
Perfect for use on members of the opposite sex who are also in mourning.

With a complete and utter rejection of society and everyone in society.
We give up on earth.

With some painfully sharp insults.
Because sometimes bringing down others brings us up, right?

With a nice warm bowl of soup.
Just try to stop us, Soup Nazi.

With an angry unleashing of our inner villain, Goldenface.
Gold face paint not optional.

With an actual meltdown.
We always feel better after a good meltdown.

With alcohol.
No brainer, right?

With an emotional outburst of our best dance moves.
Definitely include the "little kicks and the thumbs."

With a giant helping of ice cream.
Some comforting standbys are standbys for a reason.

With a hearty dose of pessimism and sarcasm.
Oh yeah, we're totally cool with The Biggest Loser replacing our comedy block.

With a heartfelt tirade of Nicolas Cage noises.
Preferably howled at the moon, werewolf-style.

With a glorious Treat Yo Self Day.
We deserve it.

Let us know how you mourn in the comments below! And be sure to check out the full 2014 Fall TV Schedule for all the shows that may (or may not) replace that comedy block-shaped hole in our hearts.

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