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10 TV Shows That Should Totally Add Puppies

Hot on the heels of Animal Planet's wildly successful Puppy Bowl — the fourth installment of the special brought in 12.4 million viewers, the highest ratings ever for the franchise — other TV shows have been quick to jump on the puppy bandwagon. Monday night's episode of Conan featured a puppy Conan O'Brien (complete with a red wig), a puppy Andy Richter, and a puppy Ke$ha, who naturally doused the stage in glitter.

All this small screen puppy love got us wondering, which other shows could stand to add a few adorably furry co-stars to the mix? Check out our picks, then hit the comments with your own suggestions.

1. Breaking Bad
Now that [SPOILER] Mike is gone, Walt and Jesse need a new business man. No one would ever suspect this adorable face of being a secret drug kingpin.

2. The Bachelor
With so many women to choose from, Sean is clearly in need of some friendly advice. Enter: Man's best friend, who would totally tell the Bachelor that Tierra's one fry short of a happy meal.

3. Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones can be pretty bleak and brutal sometimes, but that's nothing a puppy couldn't fix. Just keep those direwolves away from little Baxter.

4. American Idol
This puppy might even have better hair than Keith Urban...

5. Louie
How could Louie ever feel down when there's a puppy to hang out with? And imagine all the awkward situations the pooch could get Louie into.

6. Nashville
Rayna and Juliette can't seem to agree on anything, but we bet the country divas would bond over a fluffy little pooch. Plus, who doesn't like a country song about dogs?

7. Smash
Singing, dancing, drama, and PUPPIES. Cut, print, moving on.

8. Revenge
The second season of Revenge has mostly been a dud so far, but all that could change with the addition of a golden retriever puppy who's out for vengeance against the family that smacked his nose with a newspaper.

9. 2 Broke Girls
This show already had a horse — what's one little puppy?

10. Parks and Recreation
This show is already damn near perfect. The only thing that could make it better? You guessed it, a PUPPY.
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