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Caught on Tape: Cop Placed on Leave Following Attack

Watch this video and then take a quick quiz:

All right, now you've seen it for yourself. The quiz is easy. Which of these accounts sounds more plausible?

Account A
  • The bicyclist had "intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance and alarm."
  • The bicyclist "obstructed vehicular and pedestrian traffic."
  • The bicyclist's "conduct caused public disturbance and inconvenience in that it caused disruption of the normal flow of vehicular traffic."
  • The bicyclist "drove his bicycle directly into" the officer's body, causing the officer "to fall to the ground" and causing "lacerations" on the officer's forearms.

Account B
  • The bicyclist "was body-slammed."
  • "It was unprovoked. It was like the cop was waiting for him and then just checked him as he got closer."
  • "There was no traffic behind" the bicyclists. "There was no traffic to weave in and out of. The police officer looked to see who he was going to pick off."

Made your choice? Good. Now we'll reveal our sources.

Account A is police officer Patrick Pogan 's official statement given on the arrest record of the bicyclist, Christopher Long . Yes, the bicyclist in this video was arrested and held for 26 hours. For those curious, he was participating in one of bicycle advocacy group Critical Mass ' bike rallies.

Account B is from the perspective of Craig Radhuber , a nearby bicyclist who witnessed the event.

The one thing everyone seems to agree on are Long's words upon being shoved to the ground and being handcuffed: "YOU ARE PAWNS IN THE GAME, I'M GONNA HAVE YOUR JOB."

That last part might just prove true as officer Patrick Pogan was placed on suspension following an investigation of the incident.

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