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Let's Count the Cliches Being Mocked in Paul Rudd & Amy Poehler's Rom-Com Parody

As we've noted again and again, the romantic comedy genre is one of the most formulaic in film, which makes it ripe for parody. Enter They Came Together, a rom-com skewering from the bizarre and brilliant minds behind Wet Hot American Summer and starring universal favorites Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler. The trailer just hit the web, and if you didn't know the people involved, you might think this was a legit tale of cheesy romance. That's how spot on and familiar it is. In fact, it's worth comparing the trailer to the source material it mocks. Let's count the rom-com cliches.

1. Cutesy cooking together:

As seen in Leap Year:

It's Complicated:
No Reservations:

2. Meeting at a bookstore:
As seen in You've Got Mail:

3. Going to nice dinner and having uncomfortable relationship talk with friends:
As seen in Friends with Kids:

4. Romantic stroll through Central Park:
As seen in When Harry Met Sally:

Friends with Benefits:

Annie Hall:
5. Showing up ill-prepared for a costume party:

As seen in That Awkward Moment:

6. Schlubby best friend/basketball buddy who is completely out of touch with women but offers advice anyway:
As seen in Along Came Polly:

7. Using magic to impress children:
As seen in 40-Year-Old Virgin:
8. Sex scene so intense, stuff gets broken:
As seen in Good Luck Chuck:

9. Using the shower head for sexual gratification
As seen in 40-Year-Old Virgin:
American Reunion:

Did you spot any other cliches you can link to other rom-coms? Let us know in the comments.
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