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Early Signs Point to Penelope Cruz as the Next Bond Girl — Good Call?

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It's never too early to start speculating on who will join the hallowed ranks of Bond Girl fame, and a report from Yahoo UK suggests Penelope Cruz will be the next gorgeous woman to spar and/or sleep with Daniel Craig in the follow up to Skyfall.

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Admittedly, with Sam Mendes set to stage version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory before he gets back behind the camera and an in-progress script, we're still a few years from Bond 24. Which means whether or not Cruz makes it into the Bond Girl pantheon is still a 50/50 shot at best.

If Cruz does land the female lead in the next installment of the franchise, she'll be bucking a lot of Bond Girl trends. She'll be the oldest Bond Girl at 40-something, will be one of the biggest names to be a Bond Girl, and will be the first Bond Girl from Spain. So what do you think: Is Penelope Cruz Bond Girl material?

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