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Piers Morgan -- Offers to kiss Susan Boyle

Piers Morgan, hearing that Susan Boyle had never been kissed, offered to rectify that.
When YouTube sensation Susan Boyle nailed her performance of "Dream a Dream" on Britain's Got Talent, she had told television audience before hand that she had never been kissed.

Now Piers Morgan is willing to change all that, saying he'll take her out to dinner and "break her kissing duck."

From an AP article:

But in a video on his website, Morgan -- a former British tabloid newspaper editor who has become a star in his own right as a talent show judge in Britain and the United States -- said he was ready to change that.

"I've decided to extend an invitation to Susan to take her out for a meal -- a very romantic restaurant, I think, with some roses, some fine wine, some glamorous waiters, and to offer her the chance to break her kissing duck with these little things.

"So Susan, if you're watching, I'm available," he said.

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