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Popular Colors in New Homes: Kitchen

You use color in all of the other rooms of your house - why wouldn't you use it in the kitchen? Check out these photos for kitchen color inspiration.

It might be too boring for some people, but white is simple and contemporary, and it makes the space seem larger than it really is. Try painting the cabinets white but using an accent color on the backsplash, like so:

If your cabinets are plain brown, choosing a bright color for accessories like barstools is a great way to add interest and personality.

I love exposed brick walls in general, and in this case, the kitchen is the perfect place for it. The tiny windows let in rays of sunlight, and the rest of the decor in the kitchen can be kept fairly simple.

If your style is retro, a light turquoise like this is a perfect kitchen color. It's light, so it opens up the space, but it's also cheerful - and they've decorated this one well by using red accents on the chair cushions.

A non-neon lime green is bright and cheerful - and very contemporary for a kitchen.

Red cabinets look great against stainless steel kitchen appliances. Make sure that the cabinet fixtures are uniform so that everything looks streamlined.

The right shade of orange can have the same effect as the lime green: cheerful and contemporary.

Images via Flikr
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