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Bathroom: Popular Colors in New Homes

Check out the picture below to find the perfect color scheme for your bathroom.

This multicolored design uses light walls and draws the attention to the shower curtain. The green, turquoise, orange and dark brown are fun and lively enough for a kid's bathroom. The warm, neutral wall color makes a perfect bathroom.

To avoid the risk of drowning the whole room in one color, pick two hues of the same base color, like this blue. Crown molding in the center of the wall is a great way to split it up.

Black and white is a perfect base for colorful accents like wall art and towels.

Orange is very contemporary, and this design unifies the space by using some of the same color on the walls. It may be too bold for some styles, but it's an innovative look.

Yellow immediately brightens a space. In this stark white and wooden room, the pop of color works beautifully.

Images via Flikr
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