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Spencer Is Uber A on 'Pretty Little Liars' & She's Got Everyone Fooled

This Little Liar is out for blood.


These girls better sleep with one eye open because they've got a traitor on the inside. Seriously.

Rationality is a foreign concept for the residents of Rosewood, so trying to make sense of anything on Pretty Little Liars can lead to lots of spontaneous eye rolls and revised history. Now that there are two As on the show, things have gotten even murkier than usual. The Liars are running around like frantic, perfectly-styled dummies who keep digging themselves into a deeper hole every season. (They also don't know how to dial 911 or how to ask any of their parents for help.)

One Liar, however, has always seemed a bit out of place. Being the smartest in this bunch isn't saying much, but Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) has always proven herself to be above the pack in many different ways. She's unpredictable, razor-tongued, and emotionally unstable. Perhaps after being victimized by A all these years, something inside Spencer just flipped and she transformed into what she feared most: a raging villain with a questionably-constructed motive.

Not so convinced? Well don't fret just yet! We've collected evidence that proves Spencer is, in fact, the big bad Uber A we've all been waiting for.

1. Knowing the Ins-and-Outs of It All

Spencer Is Uber A on 'Pretty Little Liars' & We Can Prove It

Hanna concocted a terrible plan last season where she thought falsely confessing to Charlotte's murder would help lure out Uber A. For some, reason Caleb and Spencer abandoned all rationale and agreed to go along with this. Later, Hanna was kidnapped and everything went to hell. On the surface, Spencer felt incredibly guilty about Hanna's disappearance because she helped execute the plan from pretty much the beginning. Hanna and Caleb could've never figured things out on their own. So Spencer knew the ins-and-outs of this disastrous idea for quite some time. She insisted that Hanna and Caleb not go at it alone. She wanted to help. Of course, Caleb wouldn't suspect his girlfriend was a lunatic. Of course, Hanna wouldn't suspect that one of her best friends was perfectly fine with using her as collateral damage. The coast was clear. All Spencer needed was an accomplice to grab Hanna so she could act stunned when it all played out.

2. Hanna's Dream

Spencer Is Uber A on 'Pretty Little Liars' & We Can Prove It

During the Season 7 premiere, Hanna was abducted by Uber A and forced to roll around in her underwear for no apparent reason. After not being allowed to shower and being quarantined in a creepy cell, Hanna had a rather lucid dream in which she saw Spencer. “Dream Spencer” was reassuring and sweet, providing Hanna with the strength she needed to escape. However, there were some major inconsistencies in this scene.

There's something eerie and all too familiar about this scenario. It feels too real to be a dream or a hallucination. There was no change in color or any visual effects that indicated Hanna had entered a dream state. Plus, this wouldn't be the first time Pretty Little Liars pulled a “HEY, WE WERE JUST KIDDING! THAT WASN'T ACTUALLY A DREAM!” thing on us. Remember, when Hanna got hit by a car and ended up in the hospital? At the time, Hanna thought she had a hallucination about Ali, but we later discovered that Ali was alive and that cryptic conversation was actually real. So this dream with Spencer could be just as real and Hanna just doesn't know that yet.

Also, Spencer referred to Uber A as “A.D.” in Hanna's dream, but the Liars didn't receive the text with A.D.'s initials until after Hanna was kidnapped. So how did Dream Spencer happen to know this important detail? There's no way Hanna's subconscious would be privy to this information.

Oh, and “Dream Spencer” was not sporting bangs which have basically become “Real Life” Spencer's definitive feature this season. Why would Hanna dream of a bang-less Spencer? There could be another explanation for all of this. What if the person in the cell wasn't Spencer, but rather her ally? What if Spencer and Melissa are in cahoots, and it was Melissa wearing a “Spencer” mask that Hanna saw? We all know how much Uber A loves wearing masks.

Or maybe — just maybe — Spencer has a twin! Hey, why not? Mary Drake seemed to pop out of nowhere when we were all waiting around for Ali's twin to drop out of the sky. This twin could be Spencer's perfect ally.

3. The Radley Connection

Spencer Is Uber A on 'Pretty Little Liars' & We Can Prove It

What connects the Hastings and the DiLaurentis families together? Well, apart from Peter Hastings and Jessica DiLaurentis' affair (which produced Jason), these two families are experts at repressing their feelings and producing pathological liars. We know that Spencer's got a crazy side. She was admitted into Radley Sanitarium, and maybe she never overcame her demons? Maybe the darkness simmering in the back of her head has kicked into full gear?

Back in Season 6, Spencer also experienced a dream where she found herself inside Radley. She was chasing a little girl around and watching her dance in an abandoned, dusty room. The little girl (Maddie Ziegler) looked a lot like Spencer. Perhaps she's a metaphor for some traumatic memory that Spencer has repressed? Maybe Spencer doesn't want to ignore those feelings anymore, and the time for revenge is now.

Guess who else was admitted into Radley? Mary Drake. What if there's a bigger connection here? What if Mary Drake and Spencer have known each other longer? Could it be possible that Mary Drake is Spencer's mother? Yeah, that sounds a bit bonkers, but there's something beneath the surface during all of their shared scenes. Physically Spencer looks WAY more like Mary Drake than Veronica Hastings. Mary Drake and Spencer also have tense, complicated relationships with their sisters, and they are both slightly unhinged. Clearly, these two ladies are always two steps ahead of everyone else.

4. The Subtext

Spencer Is Uber A on 'Pretty Little Liars' & We Can Prove It

As this Tumblr user pointed out, there are a lot of details and hints that Spencer has been dropping for a while now. Recently, Uber A sent a text that said: “I don't lurk in the shadows. I hide in plain sight.” Hmm, okay. Oh, and Spencer previously referenced Basic Instinct for the ingenuity of the plot.

Spencer: “Uh, drugging yourself is the best alibi ever. Classic Sharon Stone move. Remember that movie, Basic Instinct? No. No. She wrote a murder mystery novel to cover up a crime that she was about to commit. It was actually kind of genius.”

So why does this matter? Well, Spencer wrote a criminology paper back when she was in Georgetown, and the murder described in the paper was exactly how Charlotte died. Spencer freaked out and told Caleb that someone was trying to set her up. Wow, how convenient! Seems more like the perfect alibi to play victim again.

Then there was the time Spencer dressed up as Mary Queen of Scots during one of the Halloween episodes. Who cares, you may be wondering? Just hold your horses, okay! Mary Queen of Scots was a brilliant and ambitious woman who plotted to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I, so she could get her grubby hands on the throne. Maybe Spencer wants her time in the spotlight now? Ali better watch out because Spencer is coming straight for her head.

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