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Report: Before 'Gangnam Style,' PSY Had a Song About Killing Americans

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With the most popular Youtube video since Justin Bieber, appearances on everything from Ellen to Kimmel, and a shot at being included on TIME's "People of the Year" list, "Gangnam Style" singer PSY has danced his way into the hearts of millions of people throughout the States. But news of PSY's past suggests America's love for the Korean-born pop sensation isn't mutual.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, eight years before the "Gangnam" craze swept through the Internet, PSY was part of concerts and demonstrations that included intensely anti-American rhetoric. As part of the 2002 protests against American military stationed off the coast of Korea, PSY took the stage holding a miniature tank meant to represent the American military, which he then smashed to the ground.

On a separate occasion in 2004, during a protest condemning U.S. involvement Iraq, PSY reportedly performed a song called "Dear American," which included these inflammatory lyrics: "Kill those fucking Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives / Kill those fucking Yankees who ordered them to torture / Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, and fathers / Kill them all slowly and painfully."

Ever since the Korean War ended in the '50s, organized demonstrations against the United States military have occurred with relative regularity in Korea, so PSY's past actions are not without historical precedent. And controversial lyrics or provocative performance art isn't exactly new territory for musicians — Sinead O'Connor, Ice-T, and even the Dixie Chicks come to mind. That said, it will likely be hard for PSY's American fans ignore the weight of his old statements. Just how much of a blow this will be PSY's popularity remains to be seen.
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