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Rachel Uchitel, Alleged Tiger Woods Mistress, Outfit to Be Auctioned on eBay

Bauer Griffin

Just when we thought the Tiger Woods affair scandal had already hit rock bottom, something new comes up to prove it can just keep getting worse, and more pitiful, really: One of Rachel Uchitel's outfits is being auctioned off on eBay by JE Englebert, a club owner in Vegas.

Rachel Uchitel (Bauer Griffin)
If there's a bright side, it's that the proceeds are going to charity, but even at that, it's a stretch. According to a press release about the absurd event (via Suntimes.com), "When Woods and his wife decided to go clubbing at 230am in the morning this turned into domestic abuse," so the funds from the sale are going to a charity that supports victims of domestic violence.

Apparently an unnamed employee at TAO in Las Vegas, where Rachel used to work as a VIP hostess, was the one who gave the guy the outfit. So, does that mean this woman just had one of Rachel's outfits just lying around, waiting for it to be worth something? If so, well played?

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