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After All These Years, People Still Care About Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape

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Kim Kardashian
entered the spotlight in a big way in 2007, thanks to her sex tape with Ray J and the reality show she landed a few months after it surfaced. Since then, the brunette has been one of the most consistently searched celebrities on the entire Internet. People can't seem to get enough of her life — what she's wearing, who she's dating, and, in 2012, why someone threw a sack of flour on her head.

The star's gone through plenty of search-worthy drama over the last six years, but one incident has persisted: the sex tape. "Ray J Kim Kardashian" is still one of the most searched phrases for the star to this day. Some things never change, right?

Let's also take a look at the other things people searched for about the starlet on Yahoo! over the last four years.

Kim and Reggie (Getty)
Back in 2009, people were more curious about Kim's on-again, off-again boyfriend, NFL star Reggie Bush. Phrases like "Kim and Reggie split" were the most highly searched on Yahoo!, probably because it seemed like they'd kiss and make up every other week. Remember when they got back together just in time for his New Orleans Saints to win the Super Bowl?

In 2010, after the Super Bowl and her final breakup with Mr. Bush, the Internet's focus shifted to Kim's looks. People cared about her "unusual bowling outfit," whether or not she'd had plastic surgery, and her "style."

A year later, another pro athlete entered the picture, so searches in 2011 focused on "Kim Kardashian wedding photos," and very quickly jumped to "Kim Kardashian divorce." She was only married to Kris Humphries for 72 days, if you've somehow forgotten. And apparently all of this personal turmoil had people searching for her Playboy shots and nude pics, too, according to the Yahoo! data.

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Leaving Her HouseBy 2012, the search terms surprisingly focused on the brunette's career as well as her personal life. People looked up "Kim Kardashian prison orange," referencing her appearance on Drop Dead Diva. And, of course, her "wedding anniversary" and the infamous "flour bomb" incident, to balance it out.

Over the last year, people were obviously very interested in her relationship with Kanye West and her pregnancy. Yahoo! searches have been dominated by people wanting to find out her "baby name," see "baby pictures," along with anything and everything to do with baby North West. And, according to Yahoo! stats, her tryst with Ray J is still up there as one of the most searched-for terms in 2013.

So, let's get this straight: Over the last few years, she's dated an NFL player, got married and divorced from an NBA star, and had a baby with one of rap's biggest stars, but her wild night with Ray J is still what people care about? It's a sex tape, we get it — but come on. Will the interest ever go away? We imagine Kim probably hopes it does, at least before North West learns how to use a computer.

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