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5 Netflix Movies You Must See With Your Girls This Summer

Let's have a kiki, shall we? These movies on Netflix will surely have you and your girls talking.

5 Netflix Movies You Must See With Your Girls This Summer
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If you had the opportunity to sing with Meryl, take a trip to the '80s, visit Ibiza, go camping, or relive your first crush, would you?

Say no more because this summer you will! Now, this isn't Annie and Lillian's wine and magazine party. Oh, no! So get ready because we're not playing it safe and things are about to heat up. In fact, this is the summer you can get together with your girls and watch movies while letting your sunburns heal. Here are 5 incredible movies coming to Netflix this May that will help you kick off your summer!

1. Ibiza 

Release date: May 25th

5 Netflix Movies You Must See With Your Girls This Summer
(Source: Netflix)

Ibiza is the Netflix summer blockbuster we've all been waiting for. With Love's Gillian Jacobs at the helm of an all-star cast that includes SNL alum Vanessa Bayer, this movie has the makings of comedic gold and is definitely the destination for a good time. When Harper (Jacobs) goes on a work trip to Spain with her two best friends (Bayer and Phoebe Robinson), she finds herself infatuated with a super hot DJ (Richard Madden) and decides to head off to Ibiza to see him again. (Who can blame her? After all, he's Robb Stark from Games of Thrones. Whether he's in Westeros or Spain, Madden is hot in any universe.) So get ready for sand, fun, and one of the best trips you'll take all summer! 

2. Dirty Girl

Release date: May 9th

5 Netflix Movies You Must See With Your Girls This Summer
(Source: Alliance)

This sleeper hit from 2010 deserves the status of being a classic. If you haven't seen it already, you're in for a real treat. Set in 1987, Dirty Girl tells the story of Danielle (played by the uber-talented Juno Temple), who is notorious for being her high school's "dirty girl." Danielle befriends Clarke (Jeremy Dozier), who is also a social outlier at their high school because of his sexual orientation. After becoming fast friends, they run away together so Danielle can find her father and Clarke can finally experience the world as himself. Full of humor, heart, and a soundtrack to absolutely die for, this movie is literally everything. 

3. Mamma Mia!

Release date: May 19th

5 Netflix Movies You Must See With Your Girls This Summer
(Source: Universal)

If you love musicals, Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, or the musical stylings of ABBA, then Mamma Mia! is just for you! This extravaganza also includes beautiful Greek scenery and equally beautiful men who — let's face it — might as well be Grecian statues. Mamma Mia! follows Sophie (Seyfried) as she tries to track down her father so he can walk her down the aisle. The problem? According to her mother's diary, it could be three different men! Nothing short of a good time, Mamma Mia! will have you smiling and trying to sing along. Also, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again hits theaters this July with the one and only... wait for it... Cher! (Yes, that Cher.) So, this summer you and the rest of your dancing queens have a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch Mamma Mia! at home before singing your way onto the streets and into the hot summer night! (Ahem. The movie theater, I mean.)

4. Desolation

Release date: May 8th

5 Netflix Movies You Must See With Your Girls This Summer
(Source: Netflix)

If you and your girls love thrills or have plans to camp or glamp this summer, then Desolation might just be for y'all. This indie film is about a woman who takes her son and best friend deep into the woods to scatter her late husband's ashes. When some of their belongings start to go missing, the trio suddenly realizes they aren’t alone and are being followed! Be prepared to scream, shout, and look over your shoulder every ten seconds. (Anyone down for a sleepover and mimosas in the morning?) 

5. The Kissing Booth

Release date: May 11th

5 Netflix Movies You Must See With Your Girls This Summer
(Source: Netflix)

Do you remember the first time you kissed a guy you were actually interested in? Like, one that had a great personality, was super hot, and smart enough to be worthy of you? Yeah, I know: They're far and few in-between, but let The Kissing Booth take you there! This funny, witty movie about high school love will not only get you and your girls nostalgic for when times were simpler, but it also stars Molly freakin' Ringwald! (Sixteen Candles? Pretty in Pink? Hello?!) Although this isn't a John Hughes film, its charming take on being kissed for the first time will have you laughing all the way through. 

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