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Here's the First Trailer for 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' with Christian Bale as Moses

Christian Bale in 'Exodus: Gods and Kings'
Christian Bale in 'Exodus: Gods and Kings.' (20th Century Fox)The Ten Commandments is a classic, but it's also hilariously dated. So it's no surprise an update is on the way (on the heels of Noah no less), and in Ridley Scott's hands, the tale of Exodus looks moody, desaturated, and tense. Think 300 meets The Bible. The first trailer for Exodus: Gods and Kings (Doesn't that title make it sound like a sequel is already in the works?) finds Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton facing off as the legendarily embattled foster brothers Moses and Rhamses. The movie is due out December 12, just in time for awards season. Here's the trailer. Check out the new posters below.

Joel Edgerton in 'Exodus: Gods and Kings'Joel Edgerton in 'Exodus: Gods and Kings'Joel Edgerton in 'Exodus: Gods and Kings'
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