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Tina Fey Is Getting a Brand New Comedy, Says NBC

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's' Robert Carlock is also in on the project.


Humor-centric network NBC is asking Tina Fey to come up with a brand new "relatable, lightly autobiographical" comedy "like nothing seen before."

The news came to us via the TCA's press tour, which has already unveiled quite a few exciting projects.

Fey will team up with Robert Carlock to produce the new show, and 30 Rock's writer Tracey Wigfield is also on-board.


The network's chairman, Robert Greenblatt, said that the show will be millennial-centered, "about an up-and-coming woman working at a cable news network where her mother happens to get a job after going back into the work place."

Our brand new female protagonist will be "strong and very complicated," battling with "what it means to be good."

Greenblatt went on to say that he's confident in the talent they've chosen to manage the project.

“The combination of Tina, Robert, and Tracey, we think, is about as good as it gets.”

And we just so happen to wholly agree.

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