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'Once Upon a Time' Bosses Reveal What's Ahead After Belle's Big Reveal

Nothing's ever simple when it comes to Rumple and Belle's relationship.

'Once Upon a Time' Bosses Reveal What's Ahead After Belle's Big Reveal

In the words of the Dark One: “All magic comes with a price.”

What transpired on Sunday night's episode of Once Upon a Time was truly ironic. The storyline focused heavily on Rumple (Robert Carlyle) and his ex-wife Milah's (Rachel Shelley) risky attempt to save their son Baelfire. However, by the end of the episode, a big secret was revealed: Belle (Emilie de Ravin) is pregnant with Rumple's baby!

The decision to make Belle pregnant wasn't exactly shocking, considering de Ravin was pregnant during filming and just gave birth last week. However, the idea of the Dark One having a baby certainly complicates things.

“It’s going to affect both of them,” stated executive producer Edward Kitsis in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “As we saw in the premiere episode, Rumple lied to her. The question we get is, ‘He’s lied to her so many times, has he learned anything?’ And I think he has. When he finds out that she’s pregnant, it’s going to affect him, it’s going to affect her, it’s definitely going to affect his motivation. Rumple is a new person. We know why he grabbed that dagger, but we’re really going to understand more of where he’s coming from.”

'Once Upon a Time' Bosses Reveal What's Ahead After Belle's Big Reveal

If only things were that simple. We now know that Rumple made a deal with a manipulative healer (Aaron Douglas) in exchange for a magic potion that cured Baelfire's snakebite and saved his life. However, that deal has now transferred to Hades (Greg Germann) which means that he basically owns Rumple's ass. Oh, Dark One! You've certainly dug yourself a nice, big hole. So does that mean Rumple and Belle's relationship is doomed?

“At the core of their relationship is a really deep love, despite all the terrible things that have gone on between them,” Executive producer Adam Horowitz explained in the same interview. “This will be another test to that love.”

If Rumple had any ounce of humanity left in him, he would surely regret becoming the Dark One again, right? “I would say quite the opposite,” Kitsis coyly added.

Wow, really?! Sounds like Rumple will never learn, especially since Belle takes him back so easily. She needs to leave him and move on with her life.

Tell us if you think Rumple and Belle should go their separate ways or are they simply meant to be?

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