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Robin Wright Penn -- Sean Penn files for separation from wife

Sean Penn has filed for seperation from his wife Robin Wright Penn.
Third times the charm?

Sean Penn has filed for legal seperation from wife Robin Wright Penn for the third time in their troubled marriage.

Speculation had started following Sean Penn's Oscar win, when he failed to thank his wife, that the two were on the rocks once again.

Looks like it was true.

From an article here on Zimbio:

After 13 years of marriage and two children together, Sean Penn has filed for legal separation from his wife, actress Robin Wright Penn.

This is the third time the couple has moved to legally end their marriage. In December 2007, Penn filed for spanorce, his petition to be dismissed shortly thereafter. Three days later, his wife filed separately. By April of last year, however, the couple seemed to want to work things out, and asked that the petition be dismissed.

Penn was once married to Madonna.

Sean Penn did not thank his wife during his acceptance speech at this year's Academy Awards, which caused many to speculate that all was not well in the marriage. Penn told Oprah Winfrey on her show that he "wanted to keep things focused on the professional team around [Milk, the film for which he won the Best Actor award]."

Penn, 48, has been linked in the tabloids to Natalie Portman, 27, although the reports remain unconfirmed.
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