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Mara Sisters Kate and Rooney Stun at the SAG Awards

They complement one another so well.

Mara Sisters Kate and Rooney Stun at the SAG Awards

The Mara sisters reunited on the SAG Awards red carpet on Saturday, reminding the world why it just can't get enough.

Kate, 32, and Rooney, 30, made time to grace the show with their angelic presences despite being fast at work on their own respective film careers. Kate's military drama Leavey is presently in production, and Rooney has already committed to five projects in 2016 alone.

The two told E! News they'd partaken of a little bubbly and jacuzzi time prior to the appearance, calming the nerves the old-fashioned way:

"I walked into the house and [Rooney] was in a robe with her feet in the jacuzzi, and then I opened champagne at some point," Kate told the site of her younger sister. "...I drank a lot of it. Two glasses, that's a lot, right?"

Oh, Kate.


Both sisters wore Valentino, a reported happy accident. Rooney said that her own long cut-out dress was "a little more revealing than normal," adding that she spends most of her time in LA sporting sweats.

We're glad you dressed up, Rooney.

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