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Fred Thompson vs Rudy Giuliani

Fred Thompson is surging in the political polls, and he isn't even officially running for president yet.

Giuliani still leads the Republican pack with 28% of the poll results. He is down 4 points from two weeks earlier.

Fred Thompson is now in second at 19% of the poll, up 8 points in only 2 weeks.

John McCain is hovering at 18% with little movement.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is fourth at 7%. Mitt dropped by the largest percentage in the last 2 weeks.

McCain's campaign seems to be having a hard time gaining momentum:

"It's a long campaign and it's only June, and these polls are going to move around," says Terry Nelson, John McCain's campaign manager. "There's a lot of campaign for folks still to have and still a lot of issues to be debated."

Just think what'll happen once Thompson actually enters the race.

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