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Frozone's Savage Wife Is The Star Of The New 'Incredibles 2' Trailer

It's pretty clear who runs the Best household.

Frozone's Savage Wife Is The Star Of The New 'Incredibles 2' Trailer

It's taken Disney-Pixar a casual 14 years to make a sequel to The Incredibles, and from the look of its newest trailer, it was well worth the wait. Funny enough, though, it's one mysterious character who's stealing the spotlight.

At the tail end of the two-minute clip, Frozone's wife, Honey, overhears him hustling to leave the house. As a reminder, Honey has been heard several times throughout the franchise without ever making an appearance.

"Suit up. It might get weird," Mr. Incredible tells Frozone over the phone.

"I'll be there. ASAP," Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) replies. But his failure to consult his wife on this last-minute errand leads to a hilarious situation.

"Where you going ASAP?" Honey says from off-screen. "You better be back ASAP."

And Twitter went wild.

The voice behind Honey Best is actress LaTanya Richardson, who also just so happens to be Jackson's wife IRL. As if this could have gotten any better.

Check out the trailer below, and catch The Incredibles 2 in theaters June 15.

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