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The Best of the Worst: Superstars in Movies That Flopped

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Some of the most panned movies of our time starred some of the most talented A-listers of our time. Many of these stars have moved on to more well-received projects, but we're taking this opportunity to remind them that although they are mega-rich superstars, they're also humans capable of making very, very bad movies. Read on...

Sandra+Bullock in Premiere Of Universal Pictures' Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper: All About Steve

Sandra Bullock was the first person to win a Razzie* and an Oscar the same weekend. She accepted the Worst Actress trophy for All About Steve on the eve of winning a Best Actress Oscar for The Blind Side in 2010. During her Razzie acceptance speech, Bullock joked voters probably "didn't even watch" the film (which was in theaters for about as long as it took her to kick Jesse James out of her Austin home) and then handed out DVDs to audience members.

This hotel-room interview with the All About Steve cast is painfully awkward. Bullock attempts to talk seriously about the film while Ken Jeong sits on Bradley Cooper's lap and tries to stuff a plate of fries into his mouth. The group chuckles like little children for about 60 percent of the sit-down.

Halle+Berry in 2011 FiFi Awards - ShowHalle Berry: Catwoman

When Halle Berry slipped on the skintight jumpsuit for 2004's Catwoman, the age-defying star looked like a bondage model on catnip, but that's about all the film had going for it. When Berry accepted her Worst Actress anti-award at the Razzies she told the audience, "I want to thank Warner Bros. for casting me in this piece-of-sh**, god-awful movie". But she bounced back. The following year, Berry was nominated for a Best Actress Golden Globe for her role in Oprah's TV film Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Check out these clips of a spiky-haired Berry leaping around buildings in her cut-out leather catsuit, posing seductively with a gun, and breaking out an S&M dance in a nightclub.
Dana+Carvey in International Myeloma Foundation Hosts The 4th Annual Comedy Celebration Benefiting The Peter Boyle Foundation - Red CarpetJames Brolin, Dana Carvey and Adam Sandler: The Master of Disguise

Adam Sandler produced this 2002 comedic flop in which Dana Carvey plays a superpower-blessed waiter named Pistachio (it's not a nickname). He's the youngest member of the "Master of Disguises" family but is unaware he has the power of metamorphosis. When his dad Fabbrizio Disguisey (played by Brolin) gets kidnapped, Pistachio learns how to unleash his Disguisey abilities and transforms into Tony Montana, a turtle, shark-hunter, elderly woman, and George W. Bush. Then Jennifer Esposito and her hotness show up and try to help him find his dad. Carvey was a prolific celebrity impersonator on SNL, which is a hard act to follow when you're playing an Italian dude named Pistachio who imitates animals. Cracked called Disguise the third-worst comedy of all time and Rolling Stone said, "In just over a minute you can see everything that's wrong with this one-joke farce."

Check out some of the lowlights here:

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez TogetherJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: Gigli

Moviegoers who expected Affleck and Lopez's glitzy romance to segue into on-screen chemistry were disappointed by Gigli, the film version of a felony (which CNN straight-up called "really, really bad.") Affleck played a low-tier mob enforcer who kidnaps a prosecutor's mentally challenged son and Lopez played his martial-arts lesbian thug boss. The crime partners convince the kidnapped kid they're headed for Baywatch, steal a thumb from a morgue when they're ordered to cut off his finger, and then profess their love for each other. Defeated producers went through multiple script rewrites during filming, but it was evidently a lost cause. The "black comedy" earned seven Razzies and stands as one of the biggest box office bombs of all time (it grossed $7 million and had a $54 million budget). Affleck wasn't so off when he claimed J.Lo was "bad for his career".

Lucy+Liu in The Cinema Society With Ivanka Trump Jewelry & Diane Von Furstenberg Host A Screening Of Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu: Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

Rotten Tomatoes** ranked Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever No. 1 on its 2009 "Worst of the Worst" list. The 2002 explosion-rich action flick has been called "unusually bad" and "a picture for idiots." It grossed less than 30 percent of its budget and director Wych Kaosyananda hasn't directed a movie since. But here's the silver lining: The Game Boy Advance Ecks vs. Sever based on the film received a 9/10 rating by IGN. Liu has since fled to Broadway to star in the acclaimed play God of Carnage.

Ashley+Judd in Ford Hall Forum Presents Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson and Andy Garcia: Twisted

Judd plays a San Francisco police detective who's good-girl by day and seductress by night. After she sleeps with a series of men, she keeps finding them dead and worries she might have killed them during a drug-induced blackout. She eventually realizes her deceased father's friend was the assassin so she shoots him and he falls off a dock and dies. In the last scene, he's seen floating among a raft of sea lions; the shot apparently made a private screening audience break out in laughter. Slate called Twisted Judd's "career killer." The actress has become the face for a Kohl's beauty line and wrote a memoir, Bitter & Sweet, since the mystery-thriller.

* The Rasberry Awards A.K.A. "Razzies" is an award show that calls itself the "authority on all things that suck on the big screen".

** Rotten Tomatoes is a movie review site that aggregates reviews from 100 professional critics and gives each film a single numeric rating called the "freshness rating".

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