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Trivia about Sara Foster

I found some trivia about Sara Foster at Celebrity Wonder .  Here are my favorites:

About Sara Foster:
  • Has been a featured model for such companies as Guess and Tommy Hilfiger and has been seen in many magazines from GQ to Glamour.
  • Appeared in the Backstreet Boys video Shape of My Heart as well as an episode of the Showtime series Going to California.
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Was rumored to date Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Daughter of David Foster.
  • Former fashion model who briefly hosted the short-lived Entertainment Tonight spin-off ET on MTV.
  • Based on her breakthrough as teh host of the short-lived Entertainment Tonight spin-off ET on MTV she was cast as the lead femme fatale in the adaptation of Elmore Leonard's novel The Big Bounce. (2003)
  • Engaged to Ashley Hamilton. (2000)
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