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The 'Charmed' Reboot Trailer Has Arrived, Whether We Like It Or Not

Meet Mel, Macy, and Maggie!

The 'Charmed' Reboot Trailer Has Arrived, Whether We Like It Or Not
The CW

Despite all the buzz about the upcoming Charmed reboot, details have been rather slim. Other than a brief description — it follows the lives of three sisters who, after the tragic death of their mother, discover they are powerful witches (ho hum, tell me something I didn't know) — fans of the original series haven't had much info on The CW's newest addition. But on Thursday, May 17, the network finally released the first trailer for the Charmed reboot, and, well, this show is happening whether we like it or not.

The drama-fantasy will follow Mel Pruitt (Melonie Diaz), Macy (Madeleine Mantock), and Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) as they "vanquish powerful demons and topple the patriarchy."

Get stoked, I guess.

Listen, I have nothing against this new group of ladies. I'm sure they're great. But I've already made my feelings on this reboot known. Here's a refresher:

As a lover of the original series, I have issues with the new kid in town. To be fair, it's rare that any fan of a classic show is amped for a shiny new version. Let's be honest: Reboots often don't turn out to be half as good as their predecessor.

The 'Charmed' Reboot Trailer Has Arrived, Whether We Like It Or Not
The WB

But it doesn't help that none of the original Charmed stars will be in the reboot even though they've said they'd like to be.

It also feels weird to me that they stuck the name Charmed on the show and stole the premise despite it being nothing like the original in any other way.

Maybe I'm just bitter. Here's hoping it turns out fine in the end.

Shiny new Charmed will air on The CW every Sunday starting this fall.

Will you be watching the Charmed reboot?

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