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Life Goes on For Sarah Larson, Post Clooney

George Clooney's ex-girlfriend, Sarah Larson , is moving on with her life, post breakup and using the fame she gained during their high-profile relationship as a stepping-stone. Wouldn't you?

The 29-year-old met with her agent from Nous Model Management in Los Angeles yesterday. The two had lunch, and supposedly discussed a big-time lingerie campaign that Larson is up for as well as doing more AIDS charity work. Larson's father died from the disease a few years ago.

Larson also played up the paparazzi attention, sipping wine, eating salad and sharing bread pudding with her agent. A member of the paparazzi trailing her then asked if she'd ever date one of them, like media floozy Britney Spears .

"Sure," Larson replied, according to E! Online. "You want to be the next one?"

In their dreams. For Spears, going from Kevin Federline to a member of the paparazzi was a huge step up. But going from George Clooney to the paparazzi, major step down, for sure.

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