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'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Is Dedicated to Carrie Fisher and We Are Not Okay

Who's ready for a good, old fashioned sobfest?

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Is Dedicated to Carrie Fisher and We Are Not Okay

Fair warning, you might need to bring a box of tissues when you go see Star Wars: The Last Jedi. According to Vanity Fair, the latest installment of the iconic space opera ends with a tribute to the late goddess, Carrie Fisher. The film closes with the words, "In loving memory of our princess, Carrie Fisher." Queue sobbing hysterics. 

And that's not the only way the cast and crew paid homage to General Organa. At the film's L.A. premiere on Saturday night, Rian Johnson, director of The Last Jedi, dedicated the entire evening to the actress. "I want to dedicate tonight to Carrie," Johnson said in front of the crowd of 2,000 people.

He continued, "I know she’s up there right now flipping me the bird, saying, ‘Damn it Rian, how dare you bring the mood down and make this night a solemn tribute.’ So let’s all have a blast together for Carrie."

It might be smart to keep the tissues handy throughout the film, because Johnson also told Vanity Fair that the latest installment is more emotional than its predecessors.

"It’s the middle chapter, so we got to challenge the characters, and it’s going to darker and intense places," said the director.

Though Johnson consciously kept a few light-hearted scenes in the film, overall you can expect The Last Jedi to pull at your heartstrings. 

"I wanted the story be emotional. That was an element that I really wanted to get in the movie." Johnson continued, "And because each one of these characters has such a brilliant setup in The Force Awakens, I wanted to take each one of them and push them."

A deep emotional arch, and a tribute to Carrie Fisher? Prepared to be wrecked.

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