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'Lady Bird' Just Became Rotten Tomatoes' Best-Reviewed Film Ever

It is truly a national treasure.

'Lady Bird' Just Became Rotten Tomatoes' Best Reviewed Film Ever

The one shining beacon of light in all of 2017, Lady Bird, has now become the best- reviewed film in Rotten Tomatoes' history. As reported by IndieWire, the film is certified 100% fresh with 170 critic reviewsThe previous title-holder was Toy Story 2, which has a fresh streak of 163 reviews. Nice try, Woody. 

The film is Greta Gerwig's directorial debut, which makes the Rotten Tomatoes' feat all the more impressive. On top of that, the movie has been a stellar box office success. Though the film has been released in less than 800 theaters nationwide, it has earned more than $10 million.  

"We put our heart and souls into this movie, and the last step of this deeply collaborative art form of filmmaking is giving the film to the audience and the film critics," Gerwig said to Rotten Tomatoes.

She continued, "That there has been such a warm reception is a dream come true. Thank you to everyone who has seen the film and has written about it so thoughtfully. We are all on cloud nine and using our tomato emoji more than we ever thought possible."

The film stars Saoirse Ronan as Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson's during her senior year of high school in Sacramento. Ronan carries the film with the palpable angst, and heartfelt affliction only truly known by teenage girls. The movie shines brightest when it hones in on the turbulent, unconditional love between Lady Bird and her mother. It is a masterpiece in the coming-of-age genre, and deserves every award it is bound to win. Hear, hear!