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Netflix Takes Over Comic-Con 2017 With ‘Bright’ and ‘Death Note’

Forget about going to the movie theater when you can cuddle at home with some Netflix.

Netflix Takes Over Comic-Con 2017 With ‘Bright’ and ‘Death Note’

If you’re not streaming movies, you’re living in the past.

On Thursday, Netflix proved it’s capable of snagging Hollywood’s top talent by previewing its two latest movies: Bright and Death Note.

In Bright, Will Smith plays Scott Ward — a human, LAPD cop whose partner is the first orc on the squad. The orc cop in question, Nick Jakoby, is portrayed on-screen by Joel Edgerton. The two unlikely heroes embark on what appears to be a routine patrol night before pissing off some seriously dangerous elves.

“This movie takes itself seriously,” explained director David Ayer. “People have jobs and pay their bills, and then there are also the issues of stratification and limited mobility. It’s a fantastic way to look at these issues and deal with it. This is a world of walls and segregation.”

Of course, Smith chimed in with some hilarious quips about the sci-fi, fantasy film and how his character is different from those he’s portrayed in the past. “It was really great to be an African-American police officer who found someone to be racist against.”

Clearly, Ayer has a similar sense of humor and had a wonderful time working with Smith. When asked what he liked most about working with the Oscar-nominated actor, Ayer responded: “He’s a good dude. We’ve learned to really trust each other. He has incredible instincts. We work well together — where I'm weak, he’s strong. We guide each other.”

Bright hits Netflix on December 22. You can check out the trailer below.

The second movie Netflix previewed at Comic-Con 2017 was Death Note. The live-action adaptation of the wildly popular manga series follows a young student named Light (Nat Wolff) and a mischievous death god named Ryuk (Willem Dafoe). With Ryuk’s creepy encouragement, Light decides to unleash his newfound power to rid the world of all the people he deems as unworthy.

“One thing I did when preparing for the film was make my own death note,” revealed Wolff at the panel. “I thought, 'there's no way I was gonna be able to think of any names, because Light is such an evil sociopath... But as soon as I started writing, names started flying out. It could definitely get out of hand easily, having that kind of power in anyone's hands.”

Things get more complicated for Light when the body count keeps piling up and his activities garner the attention of a detective who goes by the very curious name of L (Keith Stanfield). As their cat-and-mouse game ensues, Light begins to question whether he has inadvertently turned into the bad guy.

“[The movie] allowed me to do something that wasn't just pinned down by one genre,” explained director Alex Wingard in regards to making Death Note. “This film encapsulates all genres in a lot of ways. It's mostly a thriller, but it's dramatic, there are romantic elements, horror stuff, even a musical moment, to a certain degree, in this film. It's the ultimate genre mashup.”

Death Note hits Netflix on August 25. You can check out the trailer below.

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