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Mark Hamill Reveals Why He Returned to 'Star Wars'

The actor was hesitant to reprise his iconic role.

Mark Hamill Reveals Why He Returned to 'Star Wars'
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Can you imagine the new Star Wars trilogy without Luke Skywalker? 

Well, it turns out Mark Hamill was rather hesitant when George Lucas asked him to reprise his role as Luke Skywalker.

"I thought, why mess with it?" the actor recently told The New York Times. "The idea of catching lightning in a bottle twice was ridiculously remote."

In 2012 Hamill was at a lunch with the famed director and Carrie Fisher, Hamill recalled. Lucas confessed that a new Star Wars trilogy was in the works, and their iconic characters would be included. Did they want in?

"I was completely stunned," Hamill told The Times. "Carrie, not a minute went by — she slapped the table and goes, 'I’m in!' I said, 'Carrie, poker face!'"

However, Hamill needed more time to process what all this would mean for him and his character. “No one wants to see the 50-, 60-, 70-year-old versions of us, running around, bumping heads on the Death Star.”

Mark Hamill Reveals Why He Returned to 'Star Wars'
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So, what changed his mind? Harrison Ford, of course. 

The actor who Hamill thought was "too old and too rich and too cranky" would certainly pass on the opportunity to dust off the Millennium Falcon. Nope. Han Solo was all in! And with that, so was Luke Skywalker.

"Can you imagine if I was the only one to say no?" added Hamill. "I’d be the most hated man in nerd-dom."

The nerd-dom truly thanks you for your change of heart. 

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