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'It: Chapter Two' Finally Reveals The First Cast Photo Of The Adult Losers

Back to Derry, Losers.

The Losers’ Club Reunites In The First 'It: Chapter Two' Cast Photo
Warner Bros.

Much anticipation has been building over the upcoming horror, It: Chapter Two. The newly-cast adult Losers have been busy teasing fans with set photos from the sequel to the highest-grossing horror movie of all-time. Set 27 years after the events of the first film, It: Chapter Two will feature a whole new cast playing the grown up versions of the members of the Losers Club. 

On Monday, Warner Brothers tweeted out the first official cast photo, which features (from left to right) Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh, James McAvoy as "Stuttering Bill" Denbrough, Isaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon, Jay Ryan as Ben Hanscom, James Ransone as Eddie Kaspbrak, Bill Hader as Richie Tozier, and Andy Bean as Stanley Uris.

We're not sure why this crew is all smiles in the Da Vinci-esque photo, especially since Pennywise is really about to mess their world up. Maybe the cast knows they're about to be in a hit money-making sequel... 

The upcoming horror will also feature the younger Losers from the original film (Sophia Lillis, Jaeden Lieberher, Chosen Jacobs, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Jack Dylan Grazer, Finn Wolfhard, and Wyatt Oleff) in flashbacks set in 1985. Bill Skarsgard will, of course, return to reprise his role as the sinister Pennywise. Let's hope he's got some new dance moves up those puffy sleeves of his for the sequel.  

In director Andy Muschietti's horror film, the adult Losers are called back to Derry, Maine after Pennywise makes a return. Muschietti also promises It: Chapter Two will be scarier than the previous film. So, don't forget to "bring your adult diapers" to the theater. 

It: Chapter Two hits theaters September 6, 2019.

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